Vancouver - Skeena Terrace

Project Overview

BC Housing is launching a multi-phase planning, engagement and design process that will establish a plan to redevelop Skeena Terrace.

Vancouver - Skeena Terrace
Date of Completion
About the Project

About the Project

We are starting a multi-phase planning, engagement and design process to redevelop Skeena Terrace. We are working hard to better understand the community and Skeena Terrace residents, the site’s unique qualities and spirit, and redevelopment potential. We want to ensure the project is sustainable, healthy, resilient, and provides a range of quality affordable housing options.

BC Housing values community input. We recognize how important it is to the success of this project. BC Housing is committed to an inclusive, tenant-first approach to engagement.

Throughout the master planning and redevelopment process we will be asking for feedback. The ideas of tenants and the public will be some of the most important parts to set the direction for what the site should and will become. 

Phases of the Project

Phases of the Project

BC Housing is leading the redevelopment process. We have contracted a team of consultants to provide master planning, infrastructure, community engagement and development services.

We have a lot of work to do and it will be several years before construction can begin. The master planning and redevelopment project is divided into four phases. Those phases include:

  1. Pre-planning & Concept Design – Conduct a site technical analysis, gather input and feedback from tenants, stakeholders and the public, and design concepts to help create a Master Plan. 
  2. Rezoning – Prepare and submit a Rezoning Application and gather public input to obtain approval from Vancouver City Council.
  3. Design Development – Prepare and submit Development and Building Permits.
  4. Construction – Construction phasing, obtain Occupancy Permits, and housing transition for Skeena Terrace tenants.
About Skeena Terrace

About Skeena Terrace

Skeena Terrace was developed during the 1960s by the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the Province and the City of Vancouver. It has been home to low-income residents and generations of families in Vancouver for over 50 years.

Approximately 600 tenants live at Skeena Terrace. They include a mix of low-income seniors, families and persons with disabilities.

With 232 units in 20 buildings spread across 10.8 acres, Skeena Terrace is one of the largest subsidized housing developments in BC. The site is on the eastern edge of the City of Vancouver, separated from Burnaby by Highway 1 a block to the east.

The buildings and infrastructure at Skeena Terrace are old and need extensive and ongoing repairs. They are nearing the end of their economic lifecycle, meaning that the cost to maintain, repair and renew has increased greatly.

When Skeena Terrace was first built, the surrounding community looked a lot different. Since then, the city has changed and grown up around it. The way we design buildings and landscapes and construction methods have also changed. These changes give us opportunities for modernization, healthier living, and increased energy efficiency.

The city and region are in dire need of more affordable housing. The potential of Skeena Terrace – close to the SkyTrain, Lougheed Highway, the Central Valley Greenway, public amenities and light industrial and commercial uses – is a great opportunity to meet that need.



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