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Project Overview

BC Housing and the City of Burnaby recognize the need for more affordable housing in Burnaby and are working in partnership to expand and revitalize the affordable housing stock. The Hall Tower buildings will be redeveloped to increase the amount of affordable housing.

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Date of Completion
About the Project

About the Project

Hall Towers is a directly managed social housing development providing 331 units of affordable housing by Edmonds and Kingsway, in Burnaby. The development has two apartment complexes, Hall Tower and Hall Tower Extension, which were built in 1972 and 1977 respectively.

Due to their age and condition, the Hall Tower buildings at 7272, 7264 Kingsway are beginning to require extensive and costly repairs. In 2019, BC Housing will start developing new affordable rental buildings adjacent to the current buildings.

Through this opportunity, BC Housing and the City of Burnaby are working together to expand and revitalize the affordable housing stock in Burnaby.

All existing Hall Tower tenants will have the opportunity to move into the new buildings once completed, while continuing to pay the same rent as before, unless income or family size has changed. Tenants will be consulted about the housing needs and moving requirements well in advance of moving to their new home.

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Contact Information

Contact Information

Regional Operations Manager Michael Kierszenblat [email protected] or 604-694-2608.