Indigenous Housing Providers

The following off-reserve Indigenous Housing Providers housing is available to households and individuals with Indigenous Housing Providers ancestry, including status and non-status Indians, Métis and Inuit.

Indigenous Housing Providers people* are eligible for all programs offered by BC Housing, if they meet specific eligibility requirements.

The Aboriginal Housing Management Association (AHMA), in partnership with BC Housing, provides provincial funding to Indigenous Housing Providers off-reserve community-based organizations.

Community Society Contact
Chilliwack Kekinow Native Housing Society Phone: 604-591-5299
Fax: 604-591-5112
Chilliwack Mamele’awt Qweesome & To'o Housing Society Phone: 604-820-3324
Chilliwack Xolhemet Society Phone: 604-824-0939
Fax: 604-824-0937
Email: [email protected]
Courtenay Wachiay Friendship Centre Society Phone: 250-338-7793
Fax: 250-338-7287
Cranbrook Aqanttanam Housing Society Phone: 250-417-3774
Fax: 250-417-3778
Dawson Creek Dawson Creek Native Housing Society Phone: 250-782-1598
Fax: 250-782-1650
Email: [email protected]
Dease Lake Tahltan Health and Social Services Authority Phone: 250-235-3805
Fax: 250-235-3115
Duncan Hiiye’yu Lelum (House of Friendship) Society Phone: 250-748-2242
Fax: 250-748-2238
Fort St. John Fort St. John Friendship Society Phone: 250-785-8566
Fax: 250-785-1507
Fort St. John Fort St. John Native Housing Society Phone: 250-785-4900
Fax: 250-785-4047
Fort St. John Fort Nelson Aboriginal Friendship Society Phone: 250-774-2993
Fax: 250-774-2998
Email: receptionist.[email protected]
Kamloops Kamloops Native Housing Society Phone: 250-374-1728
Fax: 250-374-7643
Email: [email protected]
Kelowna Ki-Low Na Friendship Society Phone: 250-763-4905
Fax: 250-861-5514
Email: [email protected]
Kelowna Okanagan Metis & Aboriginal Housing Phone: 250-763-7747
Fax: 250-763-0112
Email: [email protected]
Lillooet Lillooet Friendship Centre Society Phone: 250-256-4146
Fax: 250-256-7928
Email: [email protected]
Merritt Conayt Friendship Society Phone: 250-378-5107
Fax: 250-378-6676
Email: [email protected]
Mission Mamele’awt Qweesome & To'o Housing Society Phone: 604-820-3324
Fax: 604-820-2175
Email: [email protected]
Nanaimo Salish Lelum Housing Society Phone: 250-753-4417
Nanaimo Tillicum Lelum Aboriginal Society Phone: 250-493-0048
Fax: 250-493-4952
Email: [email protected]
Penticton Okanagan Nation Family Intervention & Services Society Phone: 250-493-0048
Fax: 250-493-4952
Email: [email protected]
Port Alberni Kackaamin Family Development Centre Association Phone: 250-723-7789
Fax: 250-723-5926
Email: [email protected]
Port Alberni Westcoast Native Health Care Society Phone: 250-724-5655
Fax: 250-724-5666
Email: [email protected]
Prince George Aboriginal Housing Society of Prince George Phone: 250-564-9794
Fax: 250-564-9793
Email: [email protected]
Prince George Prince George Native Friendship Centre Society Phone: 250-564-3568
Fax: 250-563-0924
Email: [email protected]
Prince Rupert M'akola Housing Society Phone: 250-627-7501
Email: [email protected]
Quesnel Dakelh & Quesnel Community Housing Society Fax: 250-992-3316
Email: [email protected]
Surrey Kekinow Native Housing Society Phone: 604-591-5299
Fax: 604-591-5112
Email: [email protected]
Surrey Cwenengitel Aboriginal Society Phone: 604-588-5561
Fax: 604-588-5591
Email: [email protected]
Surrey Kla-how-Eya Aboriginal Centre Phone: 604-584-2008
Fax: 604-595-1176
Terrace M’akola Housing Society Phone: 250-384-1423
Fax: 250-391-1438
Vancouver Aboriginal Mother Centre Society Phone: 604-558-2616
Fax: 604-558-2628
Email: [email protected]
Vancouver Circle of Eagles Lodge Society Phone: 604-874-9610
Fax: 604-874-3858
Vancouver Helping Spirit Lodge Phone: 604-874-6649
Fax: 604-873-4402
Email: [email protected]
Vancouver Lu'Ma Native Housing Society Phone:604-876-0811
Fax: 604-876-0999
Email: [email protected]
Vancouver Vancouver Native Housing Society Phone: 604 320-3312
Fax: 604-320-3317
Email: [email protected]
Vancouver Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Phone: 604-251-4844
Email: [email protected]
Vancouver Vancouver Aboriginal Transformative Justice Services Phone: 604-251-7200
Fax: 604-251-7201
Email: [email protected]
Vancouver Vancouver Native Health Society Phone: 604-254-9949
Fax: 604-254-9948
Email: [email protected]
Vancouver Island M'akola Housing Society Phone: 250-590-0204
Fax: 250-590-0248
Email: [email protected]
Vernon First Nations Friendship Phone: 250-542-1247
Fax: 250-542-3707
Email: [email protected]
Vernon Vernon Native Housing Society Phone: 250-542-2834
Fax: 250-542-4544
Email: [email protected]
Victoria Victoria Native Friendship Centre Phone: 250-384-3211
Fax: 250-384-1586
Email: [email protected]
Williams Lake Cariboo Friendship Society Phone: 250-398-6831
Fax: 250-398-6115
Email: [email protected]