Housing Partner Contact Form

This form enables us to better coordinate and centralize information and sector requests based on need. Please be specific and include as many details as possible about the nature of your question or request. As much as possible, please continue to use your existing procurement channels and suppliers. We ask that all Housing Providers submit their requests through this form and not via the Non-Profit Portfolio Manager (NPPM) and Supportive Housing Advisor (SHA).

For requests specific to extreme heat and wildfire smoke, please use the Extreme Heat and Wildfire Smoke Equipment Request Form.

NOTE: AHMA will coordinate and provide any requests on behalf of their members. However, any AHMA member could submit their own request.

Supply & Deep Cleaning Requests - BC Housing is working to procure critical supplies needed by front line workers, including gloves, masks, goggles, hand sanitizer and cleaning products. We are also working to identify professional cleaning firms. As much as possible, please use your existing suppliers and contractors. If you are submitting a request for supplies or deep cleaning, please be specific about the items and quantity you need. For example, ask for 50 bars of hand soap and 100 face masks instead of asking for 'cleaning supplies' or 'PPEs'.

Meal Requests – Use this form when you need prepared meals for our most vulnerable populations. Let us know how many resident meals are needed and if you normally provide meals. BC Housing will generally be providing meal packages that can include breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What is ordered may be different than what is shipped depending on availability and the above criteria. You will be contacted once your order has been received.

For questions about this form, please contact [email protected]


Delivery Address

Please provide as much detail as possible to assist us in responding effectively. Do not identify any clients in this description.